An abstract geometric background with a pattern of white and light gray triangles forming a low-poly texture. The design creates a sense of depth and dimension through the varying shades and angles, making it a perfect fit for the New Release of DFCA Ver. 5.0.

New Release - DFCA Ver. 5.0

K-State Innovation Partners announces the release of DFCA Version 5.0.  A new module, Fabric Stress Analyzer, has been developed and added to the newest version, which can be used to achieve the following:

  • Determine fabric deformation under dynamic forces
  • Determine force-displacement relations
  • Observe the fiber failure step by step
  • Display stress contour
  • Determine dynamic response of fabric to rigid body impact
  • Derive the impact strength of fabrics

A computer-generated image showing a red, spherical object at the bottom with numerous green, ring-like structures and lines extending from it. Above, multiple layers of green rings with colorful centers form a flat, wing-like shape, suggesting a scientific or abstract design.

Figure 1. Fabric damage and deformation after rigid body impact

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